Outdoor Kitchen at the Yoga Forest in Guatemala, 2013

Happy cooks will prepare delicious food!

Happy cooks will prepare delicious food!

Here are a few pictures of what we have been doing in Guatemala in December 2013! We built an outdoor kitchen consisting of a rocket stove island for cooking and and efficient barrel oven for baking. In the image above you see the rocket stove kitchen.

We built  the classic griddle stove for frying vegetables and making tortillas (left) and next to it a multi-pot rocket stove (back). The gases of the griddle stove pass by the multi-pot stove before exiting through the chimney and thus add more heat to the last pot before. Besides we added a grill and a wooden work surface.

The stove is made out of local adobe bricks and covered with an earthen plaster. Stones for the foundation are from a nearby river and the platform was built by local guatemalans, who are excellent in working with stones!

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