This was the Natural Building Internship 2017 in Sweden!

This short movie by James Vera Nicoll gives a welcome insight into the process of building a Timber Framed House with straw insulation, clay plasters and a shingle roof!

Joshua Roxendal has been building this house over the last 6 month, using local trees from the land that he cut down, hewed by hand and joined the traditional way, using Scandinavian, Japanese and Canadian joinery techniques. Local straw was filled in between lath and we plastered it all with local soil, that we sifted and mixed with sand, cow manure and straw.

It was great to have this motivated international crew working on the house – Sweden, Austria, Ireland, Croatia, Israel, Iran/Afghanistan, and Portugal –  and since it isn’t a huge project, it was very motivating to see the huge progress we made every day.  But better see yourself!


Btw, the link only works on computers, not on phones!

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