Re-Building Nepal Project

Since October 2015, Building Connections is doing re-building work in Nepal. 600.000 homes got destroyed or severely damaged during the earthquake in April 2015 and still the re-buildings efforts are just starting to bring the first fruits. Many people lost their homes, especially the houses of the poorest people in Nepal got affected the most and people have been sleeping in emergency shelters made of tin and tarps ever since. Winters get cold in Nepal and these shelters provide very little protection from cold temperatures.

Eva Wimmer from Building Connections has been consulting a German based NGO called Carisimo e.V. which is doing re-building work in a village in Nepal. These are pictures from the village half a year after the fatal earthquakes!

Your donations WILL help :

We are currently in Nepal and working, your donations will go towards training locals in building houses and stoves. Namaste!


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